Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reorder stamps? Is my artwork/order history on file?

Email your order details and we will be able to find your account on file and recent order history if it is within 3 years. Past confirmation email information or order numbers can help track previous orders.

What if I place an order online and realized I made a mistake in my shipping address?

Reply to your e-mail confirmation or email .  If your order has not yet been shipped we are able to make this change.

How do I know which replacement pad or ink to order for my self inking stamp?

The type and size of stamp will determine what replacement ink pad or ink you will require. Check out the product page for stamps and the correct consumable will be accessible from there.

Is it possible to upload my own design?

Yes! The online designer can both be used to create custom, but also receive pdf artwork as well as vector artwork and images. You can upload your pre-created artwork within the designer.

When will my order come in?

In our order confirmation we provide the shipping information along with a tracking number.

Issues with entering promo code?

If you have any issues with using the promo code entry, please email us at and we can troubleshoot or process your order offline.

How do I re-ink my stamp or replace my inkpad?

Instructions will be available on the product ordering page, please find your product and see instruction file within, as each have a different process.

What is your turnaround time?

We endeavor to turn around custom stamps in 5-10 business days to your location, however since most products are custom, the turnaround times can vary.

Where do I send my order request if I want a custom quote?

Please email us at with your information.

What are the requirements for supplied artwork?

In our designer, vector, jpg, png and pdfs are accepted when designing custom products.

What are the shipping rates?

Before checking out, you can choose between standard shipping $12.00 (1-5 days) or expedited shipping $25.00 (next day).